Geoff Harrower apologizes

Geoff Harrower, Lead Gameplay Engineer for EA SPORTS UFC 2, posted this message on Operation Sports after EA cancelled one of his earlier games. NBA Elite 11 was a basketball game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 that was cancelled 8 days before release. Developers were under the pressure of an 18-month development cycle, similarly to EA UFC 1 & 2.

Geoff Harrower apologizes, stating, “we didn’t deliver the game you guys wanted.”
NBA Elite 11 was filled with glitches. EA cancelled the project just days before its scheduled release. Developers were rotated to other projects including EA UFC 1 & 2.

German MMA fan calls fishingtime a “fanboy,” 2011

fishingtime was a topic of discussion on the German MMA site
Translated to English, Submission-Machine talks about THQ Tank and Fishingtime, calling them “fanboys in the official UFC Game Forum” that “truly believe THQ’s word”

Original Thread:

GameplayDevUFC calls gdfishingtime “fake”

After being threatened with lawsuits from fishingtime, EA UFC 2 developer Geoff Harrower has taken to reddit to try to discredit this blog. We at disagree with Geoff Harrower’s description.

Let us be very clear: This blog is real.

EA Sports UFC 2 developer Geoff Harrower, better known as GameplayDevUFC, has described this blog as “fake”

GameplayDevUFC mocks Brendan Schaub’s concussion

Geoff Harrower decided to include an Easter Egg in EA UFC 2 that makes light of the concussion that Brendan Schaub suffered against Ben Rothwell.