Operation Sports once again bans fishingtime

For the second time in 2017, Operation Sports has decided to ban fishingtime due to yet another incident of harassment. The list of fishingtime’s victims continues to grow. Perhaps inspired by the sexual harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Lauer, several gamers publicly spoke out against fishingtime’s untoward behavior. As always, we at gdfishingtime will continue to report on the latest developments.

fishingtime’s victims include drinklime, Soupkin, glassjaw, SwedishTouch76, and belikepepsi

We encourage any other victims to come forward. We will not back down against these heinous crimes.


Earl “BeLikePepsi” Bivington detained by authorities in Devonshire, England

Host of popular YouTube channel FishWatch, Earl Bivington, better known by most as belikepepsi, was detained by British authorities due to claims of bullying. The channel has since been shut down, but details are not known at this time.

Mugshot: Earl Bivington, a.k.a. belikepepsi

FishWatch became popular after publishing videos uncovering information about fishingtime, who has previously made similar false claims of bullying across the globe. Things came to a head due to the recent information concerning fishingtime and Charlie Zelenoff. We at gdfishingtime apologize for broken links, as many videos were hosted by FishWatch. We will continue to investigate fishingtime and his nefarious deeds at home and abroad. We refuse to remove content no matter how many false claims are made against our affiliates.

fishingtime refuses rematch with belikepepsi

by Special Guest columnist SamuraiGangster

After suffering a humiliating and brutal KO loss to arch rival and P4P EA UFC 1&2 champion belikepepsi (see below), fishingtime retreated to his cave and announced his retirement from the EA UFC community. (http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10409048.page).

In typical MMA fashion, this retirement was short lived. Fishingtime has resurfaced on Operation Sports Gaming Forums where he is now a proud financial backer and is quickly climbing the post count ladder. According to one Admin, Fishingtime’s reports have already been responsible for 2 temporary bans and 1 permanent for a serious breach of TOS. As if that wasn’t enough, it has been confirmed by EA Gamechanger MuayThaiStriker2 and long time EA games supporter GUCCI that Fishingtime has been anything but graceful in defeat, claiming latency was to blame for the brutal first round KO due to the fact that he hadn’t powercycled his modem in 2 and a half days. He also feels that Clay Guida should be nerfed as he is OP in his current state.

When belikepepsi found out about Fishingtime’s outlandish and bitter claims he challenged him to a rematch and this was the result.

fishingtime refuses to fight belikepepsi


belikepepsi speaks out about fishingtime

gdfishingtime.wordpress.com has obtained the following statement from belikepepsi. Below is the statement in its entirety:

It is indeed time for the truth to come out about fishingtime.

I signed up to the EA UFC forums in 2014 as a respected, undefeated and undisputed champion of the game. My intentions were pure; to help and educate my fellow fighters with lessons on fight strategy, technique and philosophy. fishingtime, the self-styled spiritual leader of the forums, felt threatened by my presence and was seemingly jealous of the adulation of my many friends on the forums. Adulation which he so dearly desired but had never felt. Despite this, I tried to befriend and counsel fishingime. For a short time, I would even say we were friends. He actually confessed to me in a PM conversation that he was still a virgin and struggles with his sexuality.

Around the time I started my own EA UFC fight promotion (pepsi promotions), fishingtime had stopped taking his anti-anxiety medication because he was experiencing an erectile dysfunction side effect. fishingtime went 0-12 (including 3 straight first round KO losses to RustyTrombone) in pepsi promotions and I had no choice but to hand him his virtual walking papers. fishingtime flew into a rage and accused me of deliberately matching him against opponents who knew how to easily counter his novice spam heavy fighting style.

From that day on fishingtime made my life a living hell. I couldn’t as much as read a thread without fishingtime chastising and bullying me. Eventually, I worked up the courage to challenge fishingtime to a cage fight, with the loser leaving the forum forever. As expected, fishingtime agreed on the condition that I agree to meet his ridiculous terms which included such things as appearing shirtless on a “fight poster” with him, which he would personally design; have a “face-off” on his podcast; and compete in a handicap match against him and his brother on WWE 2K14.

Naturally, I refused to agree to these terms. As fishingtime was well aware that I was at this time a minor in the eyes of law, I suggested that fishingtime had more sinister intentions than designing a fight poster when he requested a shirtless self-portrait photo from me. fishingtime then sent me several angry and threatening personal messages on the forum, demanding to know “who I had been talking to” and “what else ‘they’ had told me about him” and warning that he would release my personal information on the Internet if I suggested any such thing again. Afraid for my life, I agreed and was promptly permanently banned, without reason, by Yari (forum moderator and suspected boyfriend of fishingtime).

With the recent exposures in the news and bravery shown by victims of cyber bullying and other forms of abuse, I am now prepared to stand up against fishingtime and to expose the truth.