fishingtime posts homophobic tirade against LGBT community


fishingtime, the moderator of the EA Sports UFC 2 Sub-Reddit and its corresponding blog, recently visited gdfishingtime and posted several hateful comments. Many of them contained threats and offensive language specifically aimed at the gay lesbian bisexual and transgendered community.

It all started when fishingtime revealed that he had created another effigy, this time of EA UFC 2 Assistant Producer Jazz Brousseau. fishingtime posted a video to YouTube entitled “EA SPORTS UFC2: Jazz, you are a beast!”

Yari criticizes fishingtime’s choice of skin tone for Jazz

fishingtime ended up launching a tirade against this blog after being asked for more information about his CAF of Jazz Brousseau.

fishingtime explains the origins of the developer CAFs, Geoff Harrower and Jazz Brousseau
fishingtime threatens the staff, calling them “flamers” that don’t go after girls because they don’t have “the right anatomy”


fishingtime calls Soupkin a “faggot”


fishingtime posted multiple homophobic slurs, including calling Soupkin a “faggot” and threatening to sue his parents for being gay. He again calls him “faggot” and “mentally handicapped” all while using the name EA Sports UFC 2 Sub-Reddit.

The staff of this blog emphatically condemns the hateful and inappropriate statements made by Damon Gesell.


Do You Even Post? features article written by fishingtime has featured an article written by fishingtime. The article features fishingtime’s musings on trolling and its effect on society.

Trolling: An internet sensation
by fishingtime


I’m sure this image is not new to you. It is the symbol for internet trolling. A symbol some wear with a badge, while others loathe. What is an internet troll? An internet troll is any person who has nothing better to do than to disrupt forums or harass other people. In the real world, these people would be dealt with swiftly. So why not on the internet?

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fishingtime denies any wrongdoing

fishingtime wrote a detailed reply to butterbean569 after he threatened the authors of this blog. We here at gdfishingtime take threats very seriously and forwarded these statements to law enforcement. After completing this portion of the investigation, federal authorities allowed us to share this post.

fishingtime touches on a number of topics including THQ_Shamownage, the lawsuit against EA, death rocks, blaming his father for cussing people out online, harrassment on Operation Sports, banning trolls, his trip to THQ headquarters, recruiting Yari to his subreddit, reporting Rampage76O to Twitter, sending glassjaw to jail, cyber-harrassment on WordPress, the Supreme Court of the United States, the Ontario Provincial Police, filing a police report on drinklime, harrassing SwedishTouch76, the stolen Xbox, watching online pornography, and the hijacked Facebook group.


GameplayDevUFC calls gdfishingtime “fake”

After being threatened with lawsuits from fishingtime, EA UFC 2 developer Geoff Harrower has taken to reddit to try to discredit this blog. We at disagree with Geoff Harrower’s description.

Let us be very clear: This blog is real.

EA Sports UFC 2 developer Geoff Harrower, better known as GameplayDevUFC, has described this blog as “fake”

Yari deletes X-skadefryd-X’s post; X-skadefryd-X responds obtained the following statement from well-known EA Sports UFC Forum poster X-skadefryd-X regarding the recent deletions of his posts by Yari. Below is the statement in its entirety.

GameplayDevUFC attacked my negativity without reading the context of my thoughts that I clearly articulated in the first post of my “EA Sports UFC 2 review – gamesradar rating = 3/5” thread.

Even though he knows I’ve not contravened any of the rules stipulated in the forum conduct and user guidelines sticky thread, Yari then proceeded to strongly suggest that I was a troll and even asked the other members of the community to provide him with enough ammunition to ban me.

I asked Yari to review my posting history to ascertain for himself whether or not I should be deemed a troll, because as being a moderator, his own behaviour was unacceptable, since he merely jumped on the anti-X-skadefryd-X bandwagon without actually reading my words.

He failed to do so, he failed to apologise and when I followed the forum rules, by PM’ing him my own complaints about his behaviour, he failed to respond, because he knew for certain that he hadn’t performed any due diligence and that he had made a mistake, hence his silence.

GameplayDevUFC did not apologise for his unfair criticism, even though every single one of his complaints about me had been addressed in the very first post in my “EA Sports UFC 2 review – gamesradar rating = 3/5” thread.

Anyway, Yari removed the thread, because it seems that any criticism of the franchise is deemed to be wholly unacceptable to him… and now he feels compelled to censor anything that fails to shine a positive light on the “EA Sports UFC 2” game?

Why can’t people realise that it is entirely possible and arguably normal to be a proverbial “fan” of something, whilst also being able to recognise its problems?

Why is it that even the slightest criticism posted about the MMA, UFC or even EA’s video games, no matter how trivial in nature, is mostly interpreted as a deeply personal affront to many forum members, which compels them to deliver horrendously aggressive rancid and often sarcastic rebuttals of an often fictitious nature?

I don’t have anything against GameplayDevUFC or Yari, but if they paid attention to what I had actually written and also possessed integrity and a strong moral compass, they’d surely apologise for their harsh criticism of me.


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