GameplayDevUFC mocks Brendan Schaub’s concussion

Geoff Harrower decided to include an Easter Egg in EA UFC 2 that makes light of the concussion that Brendan Schaub suffered against Ben Rothwell.

Video contest reinstated; glassjaw enters

fishingtime has reinstated his video contest, this time on Twitter
fishingtime uses another Twitter account to advertise the new contest

fishingtime has reinstated the EA UFC 2 video contest, this time using Twitter instead of his personal subreddit. has learned that glassjaw has entered the video contest.

glassjaw has reportedly entered the contest with a video featuring a CAF named Fishing Time


glassjaw’s entry to the video contest is available below:

fishingtime banned from r/EASportsUFC; starts own subreddit with Yari

After being banned from r/EASportsUFC, fishingtime started his own subreddit, r/EASportsUFC2. He then appointed EA Sports Forum Moderator, Yari, as the moderator of his new subreddit. Yari often bans users and deletes messages from the EA Sports Message Board at fishingtime’s request.