fishingtime tweets the Ontario Police… again

fishingtime followed the Ontario Police Department on Twitter
fishingtime attempts to get a Canadian citizen arrested via Twitter

fishingtime had previously tweeted the Ontario Police News Department. See Original Story


GameplayDevUFC mocks Brendan Schaub’s concussion

Geoff Harrower decided to include an Easter Egg in EA UFC 2 that makes light of the concussion that Brendan Schaub suffered against Ben Rothwell.

Video contest reinstated; glassjaw enters

fishingtime has reinstated his video contest, this time on Twitter
fishingtime uses another Twitter account to advertise the new contest

fishingtime has reinstated the EA UFC 2 video contest, this time using Twitter instead of his personal subreddit. has learned that glassjaw has entered the video contest.

glassjaw has reportedly entered the contest with a video featuring a CAF named Fishing Time


glassjaw’s entry to the video contest is available below:

fishingtime banned from r/EASportsUFC; starts own subreddit with Yari

After being banned from r/EASportsUFC, fishingtime started his own subreddit, r/EASportsUFC2. He then appointed EA Sports Forum Moderator, Yari, as the moderator of his new subreddit. Yari often bans users and deletes messages from the EA Sports Message Board at fishingtime’s request.