Operation Sports bans fishingtime

After spending months in seclusion, fishingtime returned to the internet after EA UFC 3 was announced to shareholders. He immediately started arguing with several members of the forum, leading to a ban. This is the latest in a series of transgressions from the once respectable fishingtime.

The warden becomes the prisoner as fishingtime is banned from yet another forum

Geoff Harrower apologizes

Geoff Harrower, Lead Gameplay Engineer for EA SPORTS UFC 2, posted this message on Operation Sports after EA cancelled one of his earlier games. NBA Elite 11 was a basketball game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 that was cancelled 8 days before release. Developers were under the pressure of an 18-month development cycle, similarly to EA UFC 1 & 2.

Geoff Harrower apologizes, stating, “we didn’t deliver the game you guys wanted.”
NBA Elite 11 was filled with glitches. EA cancelled the project just days before its scheduled release. Developers were rotated to other projects including EA UFC 1 & 2.

fishingtime breaking records at Operation Sports

Operation Sports is abuzz lately following a flurry of posts regarding the failed EA SPORTS MMA game, EA UFC 2. Many members prefer the features of this board to those of EA SPORTS own forums. One of the most popular features is the Ignore List, whereby a member of Operation Sports can have all messages from another member removed from their screens.

fishingtime’s constant complaints followed by inane suggestions have turned the community against him.

A popular moderator at Operation Sports, speaking on condition of anonymity, has revealed that fishingtime is one of the most-ignored posters on all of Operation Sports. In record time, over 65 members have added fishingtime to their ignore list.

Over 65 members have ignored fishingtime.

Monitors, game mode, and latency

fishingtime, now posting on Operation Sports, is suggesting the use of televisions for video games in lieu of monitors. He states that monitors have higher latency. He also suggests to avoid game mode on televisions, which may add latency and thus not be suitable for gaming.

fishingtime suggests using a television, but warns against game mode

fishingtime refuses rematch with belikepepsi

by Special Guest columnist SamuraiGangster

After suffering a humiliating and brutal KO loss to arch rival and P4P EA UFC 1&2 champion belikepepsi (see below), fishingtime retreated to his cave and announced his retirement from the EA UFC community. (http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10409048.page).

In typical MMA fashion, this retirement was short lived. Fishingtime has resurfaced on Operation Sports Gaming Forums where he is now a proud financial backer and is quickly climbing the post count ladder. According to one Admin, Fishingtime’s reports have already been responsible for 2 temporary bans and 1 permanent for a serious breach of TOS. As if that wasn’t enough, it has been confirmed by EA Gamechanger MuayThaiStriker2 and long time EA games supporter GUCCI that Fishingtime has been anything but graceful in defeat, claiming latency was to blame for the brutal first round KO due to the fact that he hadn’t powercycled his modem in 2 and a half days. He also feels that Clay Guida should be nerfed as he is OP in his current state.

When belikepepsi found out about Fishingtime’s outlandish and bitter claims he challenged him to a rematch and this was the result.

fishingtime refuses to fight belikepepsi