fishingtime breaking records at Operation Sports

Operation Sports is abuzz lately following a flurry of posts regarding the failed EA SPORTS MMA game, EA UFC 2. Many members prefer the features of this board to those of EA SPORTS own forums. One of the most popular features is the Ignore List, whereby a member of Operation Sports can have all messages from another member removed from their screens.

fishingtime’s constant complaints followed by inane suggestions have turned the community against him.

A popular moderator at Operation Sports, speaking on condition of anonymity, has revealed that fishingtime is one of the most-ignored posters on all of Operation Sports. In record time, over 65 members have added fishingtime to their ignore list.

Over 65 members have ignored fishingtime.

Author: gdfishingtime

I publish historical biographical information about fishingtime and his dealings with the MMA video gaming community and the general community as a whole

2 thoughts on “fishingtime breaking records at Operation Sports”

  1. fishingtime contacted my wife and made slanderous accusations against me. Apparently, I am running a Youtube channel dedicated to humiliating and discrediting him. As ridiculous as this sounds, fishintime’s fish oil charm managed to convince her that he was telling the truth, and she left with my kids!

    Please, fishingtime, come out and tell the truth.

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