fishingtime creates Geoff Harrower effigy

fishingtime has taken advantage of the create-a-fighter feature of EA UFC 2 to craft an effigy of developer Geoff Harrower, better known as GameplayDevUFC.

Geoff “Magic Man” Harrower

This is a great sign of admiration and respect for the longtime EA SPORTS employee. fishingtime is a huge fan of Geoff and now has the ability to step into the shoes of a developer.

Geoff Harrower is known for his work on many EA titles including FIFA, SSX, NBA Elite 11, and EA UFC 1 & 2.


Do You Even Post? features article written by fishingtime has featured an article written by fishingtime. The article features fishingtime’s musings on trolling and its effect on society.

Trolling: An internet sensation
by fishingtime


I’m sure this image is not new to you. It is the symbol for internet trolling. A symbol some wear with a badge, while others loathe. What is an internet troll? An internet troll is any person who has nothing better to do than to disrupt forums or harass other people. In the real world, these people would be dealt with swiftly. So why not on the internet?

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fishingtime breaking records at Operation Sports

Operation Sports is abuzz lately following a flurry of posts regarding the failed EA SPORTS MMA game, EA UFC 2. Many members prefer the features of this board to those of EA SPORTS own forums. One of the most popular features is the Ignore List, whereby a member of Operation Sports can have all messages from another member removed from their screens.

fishingtime’s constant complaints followed by inane suggestions have turned the community against him.

A popular moderator at Operation Sports, speaking on condition of anonymity, has revealed that fishingtime is one of the most-ignored posters on all of Operation Sports. In record time, over 65 members have added fishingtime to their ignore list.

Over 65 members have ignored fishingtime.

Sick of Snipers

Not three hours pass by the release of battlefield and Fishingtime takes to the forums to start another flame/bait thread. This time it’s sniping instantly turning the battlefield series into a Call of Duty game.

The sniper class in battlefield goes back to it’s first debut Battlefield 1942 released in June 2002 and has appeared in every battlefield game to date.

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