BluntMFer banned from r/EASportsUFC2

Yet another Reddit user has been Banned from r/easportsufc2 after telling fishingtime there was already an official subreddit for EA SPORTS UFC 2 calling him a troll. Fishingtime was quick to threaten a Reddit IP ban.


6 thoughts on “BluntMFer banned from r/EASportsUFC2”

  1. What a fucking idiot. This gut is an Internet bully quite frankly. Got me IP banned on Reddit too. This fucktard deserves everything he gets…

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    1. Good luck posting while the Missouri Gangsta sleeps. The slob pops pills and probably sleeps 2 hours a night. I don’t know anyone with a full-time job on that sleep schedule.

      Ask Damon for proof he works full time. I want to see T4s and tax receipts. Quick Tips with Fishingtime ain’t paying the bills. I can fucking promise you that. Guy looks like he lives in a dingy dirty studio basement suite. I mean that bed. That tar discolored phone.

      Get your life together Damon!!!!

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      1. Keep calm brother. Here is a beautiful haiku to relieve your stress.

        Forum to forum
        The internet fishing troll
        It’s time to fight back

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