Monitors, game mode, and latency

fishingtime, now posting on Operation Sports, is suggesting the use of televisions for video games in lieu of monitors. He states that monitors have higher latency. He also suggests to avoid game mode on televisions, which may add latency and thus not be suitable for gaming.

fishingtime suggests using a television, but warns against game mode

Author: gdfishingtime

I publish historical biographical information about fishingtime and his dealings with the MMA video gaming community and the general community as a whole

5 thoughts on “Monitors, game mode, and latency”

    1. Word on the street is he’s already reporting ppl behind the scenes. Same tired MO. Bait ppl. Get an argument. Report. He’s the fucking troll


      1. No one could be so stupid as to think that a high end monitor with 1ms latency could be somehow slower than a TV. Troll confirmed.


  1. Well he’s complained about latency since the THQ games. Apparently he’s too dumb to realize it’s his shitty connection…


    1. I like how the think’s its local. Like trying so hard to get 1-2ms faster, yet his ping is probably 80-800ms and blames it on a high end screen vs a tv.


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