fishingtime refuses rematch with belikepepsi

by Special Guest columnist SamuraiGangster

After suffering a humiliating and brutal KO loss to arch rival and P4P EA UFC 1&2 champion belikepepsi (see below), fishingtime retreated to his cave and announced his retirement from the EA UFC community. (

In typical MMA fashion, this retirement was short lived. Fishingtime has resurfaced on Operation Sports Gaming Forums where he is now a proud financial backer and is quickly climbing the post count ladder. According to one Admin, Fishingtime’s reports have already been responsible for 2 temporary bans and 1 permanent for a serious breach of TOS. As if that wasn’t enough, it has been confirmed by EA Gamechanger MuayThaiStriker2 and long time EA games supporter GUCCI that Fishingtime has been anything but graceful in defeat, claiming latency was to blame for the brutal first round KO due to the fact that he hadn’t powercycled his modem in 2 and a half days. He also feels that Clay Guida should be nerfed as he is OP in his current state.

When belikepepsi found out about Fishingtime’s outlandish and bitter claims he challenged him to a rematch and this was the result.

fishingtime refuses to fight belikepepsi



Author: gdfishingtime

I publish historical biographical information about fishingtime and his dealings with the MMA video gaming community and the general community as a whole

4 thoughts on “fishingtime refuses rematch with belikepepsi”

    1. Fishingtime continues to get ppl banned behind the scenes then plays dumb as to why ppl don’t like him. Playing games….


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