GameplayDevUFC calls gdfishingtime “fake”

After being threatened with lawsuits from fishingtime, EA UFC 2 developer Geoff Harrower has taken to reddit to try to discredit this blog. We at disagree with Geoff Harrower’s description.

Let us be very clear: This blog is real.

EA Sports UFC 2 developer Geoff Harrower, better known as GameplayDevUFC, has described this blog as “fake”

Author: gdfishingtime

I publish historical biographical information about fishingtime and his dealings with the MMA video gaming community and the general community as a whole

One thought on “GameplayDevUFC calls gdfishingtime “fake””

  1. This blog is very real. Unlike the harassement Fishingtime claims to be a victim of. When you go out of your way to bait ppl then cry wolf it’s hard to have much sympathy.

    Glassjaw located in British Columbia Canada


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