fishingtime hires a detective

fishingtime has posted a recording of a detective he hired to find personal information about glassjaw. he has decided to search Ontario, Canada for clues.


Author: gdfishingtime

I publish historical biographical information about fishingtime and his dealings with the MMA video gaming community and the general community as a whole

2 thoughts on “fishingtime hires a detective”

  1. I also find Damon Gesells shameless promotion of his Youtube channel and dumbass Sub Reddit to be rather tedious and played out.

    Even on sites like Operation Sports it’s blatantly obvious what his intentions are…..

    Face it Damon. You’ll never be a top player at these MMA games no matter how desperately you want it. I know you want to be part of the ” cool crowd” with pudgy dorks like Tweedy. The difference is Damon they aren’t 45 year old men.

    Damon I will also require the story on why you are missing 2 bottom teeth? Were you punched out by someone half your size? 150 lb man. Is it due to bad diet and lack of oral hygiene? That’s my best guess based on your telephone that has literally turned brown from cigarette smoking.

    Pull your pants up Damon!!! Do something productive with your life!!!!

    Damon Gesells Mentor and Life Coach Glassjaw


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